project: Heart and Sole

project AVA is dedicated to brightening the lives of economically at-risk children and families. We continuously work hand in hand with schools and other non profit organizations to help bridge funding and resource gaps for programs and services that benefit children in need. After a recent discussion with the Edwardsville School District 7, we are proud to present project: Heart and Sole.


When it comes to shoes, most school aged children have common concerns: How many pairs do I have? What brand are they? Which pair matches my outfit best? There are; unfortunately, children who have deeper concerns: How much longer will my shoes fit if I crunch my toes in a little more? Will my sole finally give way at recess today? Will I get made fun of?

The project:
project: Heart and Sole will fund 60 pairs of new shoes for the Edwardsville School District 7. These shoes will be distributed by the schools to children in need at any of the 14 schools in the district, including pre-K programs. Our goal is that the recipients of these shoes will go to school in comfort and pride, allowing them to focus on their education instead of their circumstances.

Ways you can help:
You can support this, and future projects, in one of two ways:
1. Be a Solemate: Monetary donations are ALWAYS appreciated and are the backbone of our existence. *Use the link below to make a donation.
2. Donate new socks. (list collection drop offs, provide amazonsmile link)

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*project AVA is a not-for-profit organization and holds the 501(c)3 designation. Please check with your tax professional to determine how your contribution may be tax deductible.